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High-protein Snacks for Women

A woman plays multiple roles in life and always finds herself running around. If your busy life has you racing from home to work, to spin class to grocery shopping, and you always find yourself going towards the vending machines for in-between meal munchies, then you are not alone. There are a lot of women who do the same. Besides the meals in a day, people have snacks in order to kill their hunger, but most of the snacks are all kinds of junk food. While most of us take extra efforts to make low-fat meals to stay healthy, but we forget to take care of our snacks which sabotage all our efforts. It is very important to have healthy snacks that include all the necessary nutrients, and one very important nutrient is protein. Protein rich snacks can keep you energized throughout a rough morning or harried afternoon.

Protein Benefits for the Body

A high-protein diet has a lot of benefits to offer. For example, protein is essential for keeping your immune system strong, protecting it against bacteria, viruses and other harmful invaders. And of course, proteins also help build muscles and bones. Eating the right amount

Possible Side Effects of OxyElite Pro

OxyElite Pro, being a thermogenic product, stimulates heat production in the body. This causes a slight rise in body temperature, but a significant increase in metabolic rate, which assists in burning fat. However, this supplement is not free from side effects, and hence, one should exercise discretion while taking them. Here’s a look at the adverse effects of consuming this supplement.

Excessive Sweating

People sweat profusely when put on OxyElite Pro. Known for its thermogenic activity, it helps speed up fat loss. However, this leads to excess heat production, which increases body temperature, eventually leading to uncontrollable sweating.

Heart Palpitations

“My heart is beating too fast.” Well, heart palpitations is one of the complaints among people taking this fat-burning supplement. This can put the person at a risk of a heart attack. Also, those following a rigorous workout, when put on this supplement, may suffer from heart ailments.

OxyElite Pro acts as a vasoconstriction agent, meaning it narrows the width of blood vessels, thereby, reducing blood circulation. As the blood flow to the heart drops, this may trigger chest pain and eventually lead to a heart attack. So, people who previously have had heart ailments and kidney problems should take this supplement only

Cortisol Blocker

Cortisol blockers are the latest supplements to aid weight loss and muscle building. They claim to be effective for inhibiting the actions of the hormone cortisol, which is blamed by many for excessive weight gain and obesity. Before we discuss the cortisol supplement and its efficacy, let’s take a brief look at the hormone cortisol and its effect on the human body.

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol is the corticosteroid hormone released by the adrenal cortex. This hormone plays a crucial role in the functioning of the immune system, and regulation of blood pressure and blood sugar. One of the important factors responsible for triggering the secretion of cortisol is stress or anxiety. Besides causing many other disorders, a high level of cortisol for a prolonged time period is thought to contribute to weight gain, with the accumulation of fats mainly in the abdominal region and the trunk.

Do Cortisol Blockers Deliver?

What do Manufacturers Say?
ยป Cortisol blockers are claimed to regulate the hormone cortisol, and increase metabolism to stimulate weight loss. Many people also experience a decrease in their stress level with the use of these supplements. Apart from helping to shed some extra pounds, cortisol blockers are believed to assist

6 Meals a Day Diet

If you want to gain more muscle mass rather than accumulating all those harmful fats, then you can think of opting for a 6 meals a day diet plan. This plan involves eating small portions of meals six times a day, rather than our usual thrice-a-day menu. It gives your body all the necessary nutrients, and at the same time, the energy levels are never reduced. However, if you are seriously thinking of following this diet, then you should remember not to have fat-rich foods, like dairy products, besides foods rich in sugars, such as candies and pastries. The following paragraphs would give you the advantages of eating six meals a day, besides a plan, which you can follow.


One of the most important advantages of having six meals a day is that you don’t feel hungry as you would often do when having three meals a day. Whenever you feel hungry, the tendency is to pop in whatever you find, and this may include fat and sugar rich foods. And if you have such foods too often, the chances are that you will accumulate more fat than required. So rather than having fat-rich snacks in between, following a

Does Slim Fast Work?

A perfect body is an important aspect in everyone’s life. In the quest to lose weight, people tend to practice various weight loss diets and all sorts of weight loss methods to lose weight quickly. One such crash weight loss diet is the Slim-Fast diet. According to the maker of the diet, you may lose about 10% of your total body weight in the first six months of the diet plan’.

What is Slim-Fast?

Slim-Fast is a brand of weight loss meal replacement shakes and other dietary supplements like bars and powders. It is popularly sold in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Iceland, Ireland, and South America. It is one of the popular weight loss diet products in use since the last two decades. It promotes healthy weight loss through reduction in the calorie count. The meal replacement products that are available for this brand bear lesser calories than our regular diets. There are only 200 calories in the Slim-Fast meal instead of approximate 500 calories that are present in one meal that we consume. It also means that if you replace two meals with Slim-Fast, then you are cutting back on 600 calories a day. It fills out

High Protein Diet During Pregnancy

A mother’s diet is the most significant factor that defines the healthy growth of an unborn baby. We all have heard and known a lot about the importance of a balanced diet during pregnancy, and its positive effects on the baby. According to nutritionists, a pregnant woman should eat healthy amounts of cereals, legumes, nuts, dried fruits, green and leafy vegetables, milk, eggs and other dairy products, fresh fruits and fruit juices, healthy cooking oils, and dietary supplements for folic acid, iron, calcium and various vitamins (if prescribed). In short, pregnant women should follow a nutrition rich diet, designed to cater the nutritional needs of the unborn baby. As you can see, consumption of nuts, legumes, beans and dairy products is highly emphasized upon. All these foods contain a high amount of proteins, which is crucial for a healthy pregnancy. Women with food allergies, those who are suffering with preeclampsia (urinary protein loss), and the vegan moms-to-be; struggle to find healthy sources of proteins. This can jeopardize the health of the mother and her unborn baby too.

High Protein Diet for Pregnant Women

Protein is one of the building blocks of the body, with an ability to give boost to

High Protein Diet Side Effects

Proteins are essential for our body, as these perform various functions that are essential for staying healthy. These help build muscles and repair tissue. These also work as hormones, enzymes, or transport carriers. Proteins are made from amino acids, which are commonly referred to as the building blocks of the human body. All the proteins are synthesized from 20 amino acids. Out of these, nine amino acids are called essential amino acids. These cannot be synthesized by our body. We must get these though the food that we eat.

In general, a high protein diet plan is recommended for athletes and bodybuilders to help gain lean muscles, and lose accumulated body fat. Over time, it has gained popularity as a weight loss option amongst people who are desperate to maintain weight without consuming diet pills or performing intensive workouts. However, a dieter should not ignore the untoward effects that have been linked to a high-protein diet. There’s no denying the fact that the best way to stay healthy is to follow a balanced diet and exercise regimen. So, following a diet that is loaded with protein, but cuts down on the intake of other essential nutrients is certainly not

High Fiber Fruits and Vegetables

Not all nutrients that we receive from food sources are absorbed by the body. And it is not necessary that only the nutrients that are absorbed are beneficial to health. And this is evident by what is known as fiber, also known as bulk or roughage. It comprises the indigestible parts of plants. Unlike other nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats or carbohydrates, fiber goes through the digestive system unchanged. And this very nature of this substance makes it an essential part of healthy living. Adequate fiber in the body absorbs large amounts of water, and this makes up for an effective colon-cleansing regimen. Fiber in the diet helps in preventing and treating constipation, hemorrhoids, hypoglycemia, cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, gallstones and kidney stones. Adding fiber to the diet is the best natural method for weight loss, and for controlling high blood pressure, and cholesterol. The daily intake of fiber by an adult should be about 25 – 30 grams, however, not even half of this standard amount is consumed by an average adult.

Fruits High in Fiber
Apples (with skin)
Figs (dried)
Pears (with skin)

High Fiber Diet Plan

Unknown to most people, fiber is actually an indigestible component of food. Yes! Most fibers are insoluble and cannot be digested. The soluble one merely helps softening the stools, due to bacterial fermentation, but they too are indigestible.

Fibers perform the important function of pushing the food along the digestive tract, easing the process of digestion. Research has found that fiber also has several uses such as reducing the cholesterol level in the body and also reducing the risk of intestinal and colon cancer. It also helps the stomach to fill with food faster, without adding those extra, unnecessary calories, thus helping us boost weight loss. It also helps control blood sugar. Hence, it is important for us to follow high fiber menus as a part of our daily diet. A high fiber diet would ideally include at least 25 gm of fiber. Here’s a list of foods high in fiber.
Dried fruits
High Fiber Vegetables
High Fiber Cereals
High Fiber Beans
Kidney Beans
Lima Beans
By including one or more of these products we can improvise to make high fiber recipes

Diet Supplements for Men

Fast food and a fast lifestyle has made it very difficult for us to stay on course to become the next Adonis. We try our best to stay in shape and the holiday season comes along to topple our health cart, and it seems like we have put on 20 pounds just around our waist. It seems like an exaggeration, but for someone who wants to look and feel healthy, a bulging waistline is very hard to deal within the limited time and resources we seem to have these days. There are some specific diet supplements for men that can help you get in shape and stay in shape if you so wish. Diet shakes and protein powders go a long way in suppressing your food cravings and supplying your body with vital proteins.

If you have downed a few extra pizzas or burgers than you should have and wondering what you can do to shed that extra weight, some of these weight loss supplements for men will help you. Diet supplements will help you to increase your metabolism rate and get your Body Mass Index (BMI) on track. High protein diet for weight loss taken along with some